Traditional roof soffit


of traditional roof soffit panels
RAL 8019
Dark brown
RAL 8019
Graphite RAL
RAL 7016
Black RALBlack
RAL 9005


of the soffit
Traditional full roof soffit
Traditional full
roof soffit
Traditional perforated roof soffit
Traditional perforated
roof soffit
H wood-like mounting rail
H wood-like
mounting rail
J wood-like mounting rail
J wood-like
mounting rail


of the KROP Soffit System

Easy and aesthetic installation
Regardless of the type of the selected type of design, the package of SOFFIT system components enusres efficient and aesthetic finish of the roof eaves. Designed with efficient installation in mind.

Safe, durable, and resistant
PVC material used in the system ensures aestheric appearance andresistabce to mould and fungi - without the need for maintenance and regardless of the weather conditions.

Light, niec and easy
The ROOF SOFFIT system stands out with its low weight, making the installation along with additional decorative comonents, such as lighting,
not only more efficient but also more pleasant than in the case of steel or wood systems.

Ease of use
PVC does not require painting and maintenance,  retains its colour and board pattern.

The roof soffit serves the purpose of not only providing adequate ventilation, but it also protects the rafter framing, the rafter, and the eaves structure against unfavourable weather conditions and against nesting of e.g. birds.

25-year warranty
It covers mechanical durability of the product.

For orders or enquiries, please contact:
Dagmara +1 647.482.0654 Stan +1 416.827.4772