Gutter systems

KROP is a complete gutter system developed by Blachotrapez in cooperation with the roofers and a solution that introduces a completely new standard on the gutter system market. The system allows you to efficiently remove the excess water from the roof, simultaneously guaranteeing comprehensive protection of roof covering, walls, elevation and foundations of the house.

Technical details

System W Length
125 4,72 in 118,11 in and 157,48 in
130 4,92 in 118,11 in and 157,48 in
150 5,94 in 118,11 in and 157,48 in


Steel gutters blend perfectly into roofs made of the same material, but are also extremely versatile and fit to each type of covering. Steel is not only aesthetic, but also extremely resistant and durable.

Steel gutters KROP retain the performance characteristics in any weather conditions are resistant to high temperature.
Colour gutter

Steel gutter cross section

The steel gutters KROP are made of high quality steel, with four protective coatings: zinc, passivation coating, primer and organic coating. The coating of the steel material applies to both the outer and the inner side of the gutter. Thanks to protective coatings, the steel gutter system has the increased resistance to harmful weather conditions and mechanical damage. Zinc - directly applied on the steel - protects the material against corrosion. Passivation coating - provides good adhesion to primer paint. Primer - increases anti-corrosion properties and improves adhesion of organic coating. Organic coating - ensures the final resistance and aesthetics of the steel gutter.


of the system Krop STEEL

product with the proven performance characteristics. It is the ultimate warranty available on the market.

high-quality material ensuring high resistance to mechanical damage and scratching.

steel gutter has four protective coatings improving its resistance to difficult climatic conditions and mechanical damage.

with the highest quality of steel and protective coatings, the system is characterised by a very high resistance to corrosion.

based on research and analysis product has very high resistance to mechanical damage.

precisely designed system allows for fast and efficient installation. The solution was developed in cooperation with the roofers.

suitable for each type of roof covering.

does not deform under external influences.

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